RAPID Pengerang Johor Malaysia - P016B

Provision of EMC Consultancy Services for WET (EPCC Contractor) in accordance with PETRONAS PTS on EMC Requirements, including technical support throughout the project.

Scope of Consultancy:

  • EMC Managment Plan

  • Specification of Special EMC Measures

  • Site Survey Report

  • Equipment emission and immunity specification

  • Zone Allocation Plan

  • Performance criteria

  • EMC Matrix

  • Verification & Validation

  • Risk Assessment Report

Initiated and championed the project-wide change, from separate dispatcher bars (Instrument, Systems, Reference), to utilisation of the MESH as the combined reference earth in equipment rooms.

Shell Refining Company

Implementation (retrofit) of Lightning & EMC measures for a Plant Equipment Room at the Shell Refinery in PD.

This involved the replacement of an existing single point earthing schema comprising separate instrument and safety earths, with a common bonded low impedance multi-point earthing schema utilising a Signal Reference Grid, and low impedance bonding measures. Upgrade was done on a live plant.

Gas Malaysia, SCADA Phase-II Rehabilitation. - SAAG


The Main Contractor was unable to hand over the system to the Client due to numerous technical difficulties. Delays amounted to 3 years. Was then engaged by the Main Contractor to turn-around and hand-over the SCADA system to the Client.

The system worth RM3M, comprised two SCADA Servers in redundant mode, a Data Historian, 33 RTUs distributed nationwide, utilising a mix of the Corporate WAN, Telekom COINS, and Telekom Leased Lines, a Control Centre and 7 Regional Offices.

Works undertaken included site remedial works, WAN infrastructure improvement, Central SCADA Server stabilisation, Implementation of data logging at RTU, Data warehousing at Operations Control Centre, Implementation of Security Surveillance Systems at site, Maintenance & Management during Performance Acceptance Test period.

Established and led teams to address the issues. Resolved all problems and successfully handed over the system to the Main Client after 7 months (including SAT period).

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