Brunei TV Radio 



Review of lightning related issues.

Major TV Broadcast Operator - Digital  Broadcast & Production Complex



Detail Design from the perspective of EMC, Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, Grounding & Bonding.

ASTRO AABC : Digital Broadcast & Production Complex


The ASTRO All Asia Broadcast Centre is a fully integrated digital broadcast and production complex. With a market capitalization of RM10 billion, it is ranked amongst the top 20 companies on the Malaysian Stock Exchange.
This facility was constructed 10 years ago, and is currently undergoing a staged refurbishment to accommodate the co-location of additional programming channels and associated facilities.
Was selected as the Consultant for the Design of the Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, High & Low Frequency Grounding & Bonding, as well as the Mitigation of the effects of Electromagnetic Interference.

Al Jazeera English Television Studio & Broadcast Facility

System for Aljazeeras Broadcast Facility at Level 60 of KLCC. Al Jazeera English has a reach of 80 million homes, and as of 2007, the channel is one of the three largest global English language 24 hour news channels. Located in Doha, London, Washington, and Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). This facility is one of four constructed simultaneously in the world during 2005/06. The project required a ‘Technical Earth’ at Level 60 of the Petronas Twin Towers. Was selected as the Consultant for the Design, Supervision, & Testing of the Grounding System to manage the Common Mode Noise and the associated high frequency effects of the huge number of broadcast equipment within the floor. The Scope involved Neutral Management of UPS and Isolation Transformers, Signal Reference Grids, Low Impedance Grounding & Bonding, and EMC Installation Practices.

Measat Satellite Teleport & Broadcast Facility

The Measat satellite fleet provides services to over 110 countries, representing more than 70% of the world’s population, across Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa .
This new facility was constructed for use both as the Satellite Ground Station for the Telemetry Tracking & Command of the MEASAT Satellites, as well as for DTU Broadcast of ATSROs television and radio channels.
Was selected as the Consultant for the Design of the Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, Signal Reference Grid /  High Frequency Grounding System, and the application of EMC Installation Practices for  the complete facility.
This was a Fast Track project with a 9 month completion period. Subsequently the scope of the Consultancy was extended to include Supervision, Testing & Commissioning.

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