Selangor Water Works


Implementation of Asset Value Management & Key Performance Indicators for Selangor Water Works’ SCADA based operations. Recommended implementation of automation, and key performance indicators which resulted in operational savings of upto RM3.5 Million per year. This project subsequently received the 1st Prize for the Selangor Chief Minister Quality & Innovation Award 1993.

Selangor Water Works


Turned around a Water Distribution SCADA System worth (in 1996) RM10M, for a major Water Utility. The system comprised dual-redundant Vaxes, communicating with 100+ RTUs over three Radio Networks, with well over three thousand I/O points.

Drainage & Irrigation Department


Developed a Flood Forecasting Tool for a major river in Malaysia for the Department of Drainage & Irrigation utilising a very new concept in Artificial Intelligence, ie. Neural Networks

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