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Training Services

Only The Best.

Acuity’s training is unique in that the trainers involved have a wealth of experience unparalleled in the industry, and who will deliver these insights and experiences with clarity to, and understanding by, the participants of our courses.​

Acuity’s trainers:

  • Have many years of industrial experience in resolving technical problems in industry;

  • Been involved in the detailed design, construction review, and detailed testing of numerous projects where high availability, high reliability are mission critical, and where safety is paramount;

  • Have provided services across a broad range of industry which brings along with it both a macro and micro view of the types of issues and constraints faced by industry at large;

  • Have been involved in standards bodies in their areas of expertise;

  • Are active proponents in their areas of expertise, who continue to remain actively involved in industry;

  • Continue to push the envelope of self-enhancement;

  • Have been conducting pragmatic insightful training courses for numerous years.

The courses offered include the following:

  • Lightning, Surge Protection, Grounding and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Installation Practices for Facilities and Systems;

  • Detailed Design (IEEE Std.80) of Earthing Grids, including Verification & Validation of the Safety of the Earthing Grids through Testing;

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility & its Management;

  • Grounding, EMC Cable Management & Installation Practices.


We have both off-the-shelf courses and bespoke courses to meet the needs of our Clients and their projects.

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