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"Acuity System Consultants Sdn Bhd was engaged by PT Len in 2017-2018 to provide EMC, Lightning and E&B Consultancy Services for PT Len’s Scope of Work in the LRT (Light Rail Transit) Jakarta Project Corridor 1 Phase 1(Kelapa Gading – Velodrome):

a.  The Communications Work Package;

b.  Depot And Maintenance Vehicles Work Package;  

c.  Automatic Fare Collection Work Package;

d.  Blue Light Systems Work Package;

e.  3rd Rail Work Package;

f.  SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) Work Package;

g.  Driver Training (Train) Simulator Work Package.

"The scope of services commenced with EMC & E&B related guidance at the design stage;  coordination  and  management  of  related  documentation  work  flows, submissions  and  reviews;  support  at  interface  meetings  and  discussions  with  the Employers  Representatives;  on  the  job  training  of  our  staff;  and  verification  and validation  works  (site  inspections,  stand-alone  testing,  integration  testing)  amongst others.

"Acuity was also engaged to provide a Lightning & E&B Strategy for the complete project encompassing both Systems and Civil Works.

"Acuity’s scope of works was subsequently extended to include the guidance of our staff from the conceptual stage of the design of the Blue Light System right through to final integration  testing  with  the  Traction  Power  Supply  Distribution  Work  Package Contractor.

"Acuity provided excellent support, strengthened the project teamwork and upskilled the capacity & capability of PT Len’s project team personnel. We are very pleased with Acuity’s support and their presence in our LRT Jakarta project team."

Linus Andor Mulana Sijabat (Operation Director, PT Len Industri (Persero))

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